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girl in red
"I'm Back"

(Marie Ulven Ringheim)

Paroles de la chanson "I'm Back" :

I'm back, I feel like myself
I was gone for a minute
'Cause I went to get help
It's not like I wanna die
At least not now, I love being alive

I was feeling so inadequate
Never been so out of it
Didn't think I'd make it this far
Tracing all my steps
It's easy to forget
Like finding a light switch in the dark

I'm back, I'm better than ever
Life's so good when you're light as a feather
On track is where I will be
At least if life is allowing me

I know I have a tendency
Melancholic tragedy
Always seems to follow me around
Living life in grey
Did something to my brain
But hey, I took a shower today

I'm back, I feel like myself
I was gone for a minute
'Cause I went to get help
It's not the end of the world
Time doesn't stop for a sad little girl

Sometimes I get bit by the dark
And it spreads into my heart
Takes over me
I believe I will laugh
I believe it'll pass
I believe there's hope for me

I'm back
I'm back
Yeah, I'm back
Yeah, I'm back

It's right around the corner
That good life I always wanted
I think that I can see it now
I'm in the field of daisies
And this time feels amazing
This is what they're talking about

It's easy to get caught
In the state of being lost
But this time I think I'm found
I wouldn't go without it
The ups and downs and what-ifs
It's all a part of being alive

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